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About Immunotec

Worldwide Recognition


40 Years of Research Excellence

Clinical and Peer Reviewed Studies

Trusted by Doctors Everywhere

Global Method of Use Patents

Historic Discoveries

The Story of Immunotec


Immunotec has always been in a class of its own. While some companies start with a few good people and a business idea looking for a product, Immunotec began as a product looking for a business to put it into the hands of millions who could benefit from it. Over forty years of research underlie its flagship product, Immunocal, and its ground breaking innovations have resulted in numerous patents in North America and around the world.

  • Recognized by researchers and medical professionals worldwide, Immunotec continues to set the standards for products that produce consistent results.

  • Immunotec works with a team of experts in their respective fields in order to develop its ever-expanding line of high quality products.

  • Immunotec is one of the only nutritional companies with a (non-drug) nutritional product listed in the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) and the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS).

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